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Website Design for Your eCommerce Business

A highly-functional and responsive website is crucial to your eCommerce business success. Your eCommerce website should be a platform where customers can learn more about your products, engage with your brand, and gain a memorable customer experience to keep coming back to your site.

Swipe is an eCommerce Web Design agency based in Toronto, specializing in website design for your business. Building an eCommerce website for your business is a must as it expands your reach and broadens your brand. Instead of a singular brick-and-mortar store, your business will be available and accessible to your customers 24/7. It also gives you more opportunities for marketing and promoting your brand.

Our team offers you the best digital marketing services to help your eCommerce business grow and succeed.

Swipe is composed of a team of trusted eCommerce Toronto developers that you can rely on for your online business.

Why Choose Swipe Group as Your eCommerce Partner in Toronto?

Swipe Group does things in a powerful, strategic way that guarantees excellent conversions for your business. Here’s why choosing us is one of the best business investments you will ever do.

We are a local in-house team of highly skilled and experienced eCommerce developers. Our proven track record and years of solid experience make us one of the best eCommerce Toronto web design agencies.

We build highly intuitive, user-friendly, and mobile responsive eCommerce websites that can be viewed using laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

We integrate SEO and advanced marketing strategies in our eCommerce websites, ensuring your online shop always stays on top of Google search results.

We integrate Online Shopping strategy in your eCommerce web designs, helping you attract more customers, generate sales, and boost your ROI.


At Swipe Group, we don’t just build an online shop. We follow a rigid, meticulous eCommerce website design process that ensures your eCommerce site is launched according to your branding guidelines, UI and UX standards, and SEO best practices. 

eCommerce Strategy

The growth of your business is the top priority we consider when designing your website. We build it around an eCommerce strategy tailor-fitted according to your business model to reach more customers and improve your market position.


We specialize in website design that doesn’t only embody your brand perfectly, but also makes it easy for customers to navigate. We target both the aesthetic factors and its functionality for your customer’s convenient shopping experience.


We make sure that your website stays up to date with the latest trends in the eCommerce industry. We don’t just design; we develop websites to maximize their full potential and your business along with it.

Integration with other third-party tools

To ensure that your eCommerce website operates smoothly and flawlessly, we will integrate it with third party software, such as payment gateways, shipping, and inventory management systems.

Support your eCommerce store

Supporting your eCommerce store is one of the strategic processes we follow when developing your website. The goal is to showcase your products or services through the website to boost your store and brand in general.


Swipe Group considers all these in the website designing process. We want your website to be outstandingly unique, and so we don’t merely follow steps; we customize them to embody your brand perfectly. Your preferences will be the basis upon which we tailor our strategic processes.


We take pride in being an eCommerce Toronto developer that integrates real business strategies in developing your website. We don’t want to give you a typical online store; we aim for your website to stand out, attract customers, and really add value to your business.

Having an eCommerce strategy on your website is not an option — it is a must.

With a concrete strategy, we will focus our time and resources on only the value-adding website features instead of working aimlessly just to come up with something new.

Choosing us to design your eCommerce website means not only expanding your marketing reach. It is also about continuously growing your business and eventually moving up your brand and market position.


Swipe Group is your partner to your business growth and success.

While other digital marketing agencies offer you a generic online store, we want you to have a website that truly represents your brand so you can eventually establish your name in the industry. We build custom website designs.

User experience or UX is our pivotal aspect when building your website interface.

The interface won’t only be easy to navigate, but more importantly, we will design it in a way that your customers will see exactly what you want them to see. Your website will be promotion-rich, but at the same time, we won’t let that disturb the natural flow of user navigation that is key to the best UX.

Our eCommerce Website Design Solutions
To boost your business, we don’t just offer you a website. We increase your market reach from the outside too. Being experts in the field, we work with well-known eCommerce platforms and are key player in Shopify and WooCommerce website development in Toronto. We can definitely cater to all your requirements.

Shopify eCommerce Design and Development

More and more customers are looking to purchase online, and this upward trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. You don’t want to get left behind, and that is why it is crucial to put your business out for the world to see in a way that best represents it.

If you choose Shopify for your eCommerce business, we can help you build it up from scratch. From creating a professional layout to uploading your product images and information to setting up a payment gateway. We will develop your Shopify store according to your business requirements, goals, and target market. Our years of solid experience in Shopify web design and development will help you attract customers, generate leads, and boost your business sales.

WooCommerce Design and Development Service

WooCommerce web design and development is another space we are experts in. We have helped dozens of clients create their very own customized WordPress shop using the WooCommerce plugin and help boost their online business.


WooCommerce powers millions of websites and holds a good percentage of online stores all over the world. With this, it has proven to be one of the most reliable platforms out there to grow your business. And if you choose to use WordPress for your eCommerce business, we are the best Toronto design agency to help you build your WooCommerce online shop.


Just like we are experts in Shopify design and development, we have mastered WooCommerce from all angles, too. We will take your business to new heights by giving it a sales-driven platform with WooCommerce.

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Our eCommerce design and development solutions can help you level up your business in the eCommerce space. Deciding to work with us today could be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for and finally start doubling those revenues.