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Boost your PPC marketing campaigns and increase your revenue with our strategic and cost-effective pay-per-click campaigns.

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PPC Advertising For Your Business

Improve your web traffic, generate better sales, and achieve high ROI through our strategic PPC marketing campaigns. Our PPC Toronto experts have delivered impressive growth for businesses from all sectors. With our solid background and unparalleled expertise in PPC marketing, your business can also stand out from the competition and acquire more revenue.

What is PPC and Why Do You Need it for Your Business?

Pay-Per-Click or PPC marketing campaigns help businesses gain brand awareness at a faster pace through advertising on platforms with massive traffic like Google and Bing. Unlike other advertising strategies, the cost in PPC is only incurred once a user clicks on the ad.

With the right optimization techniques and best practices, our PPC Toronto agency can help you drive better sales at a fraction of a cost. Other benefits of engaging in PPC advertising in Toronto are:


PPC Marketing: Should You DIY or Hire a PPC Agency?

Just because you can set up your pay-per-click advertising campaigns on your own doesn’t mean you should do it. Remember, PPC marketing is a skill that involves a lot of discipline, including keyword research, budget allocation, performance forecast, analytics, competitor analysis, A/B testing, and landing page optimization.

Without the help of PPC Toronto experts, who have the technical-know-how, businesses will only end up losing money fast because, in truth, PPC takes a lot of time, money, and the right skills to deliver a good amount of target traffic. It will cost you less to hire reliable and PPC marketing specialists in Toronto than to attempt to launch a campaign on your own.


Our PPC Advertising Strategies That Works

More than concepts, we know the ins and outs of PPC marketing! Our solutions are tailored according to the marketing goals and requirements of our clients.

STEP 1: Discovery

Our PPC agency is dedicated to customizing campaigns and strategies that are right for your brand. During this stage, we will discuss with you your business objectives, marketing and sales goals, target audience, branding guidelines, and technical advertising requirements. We use all these to devise a solid PPC marketing strategy that will deliver real results.

STEP 2: Campaign Creation

Upon understanding your goals and requirements, we will set up your PPC marketing campaign, manage your advertising budget, and create ads and landing pages to target the right audience.

STEP 3: A/B Tests

We take more than just one route towards the creation of your PPC advertising campaign. Our PPC agency performs A/B tests, taking more than two variables and using statistical analysis to determine which variants perform better for your goals.

STEP 4: Scaling Your PPC Marketing Campaign

After performing A/B tests, we will then scale your PPC campaign to drive more conversions without burning up your budget.

STEP 5: Google Shopping Ads

Our PPC agency takes advantage of Google Shopping Ads. It gives your campaign a better chance at being clicked as Google shopping ads use real product information, images, and other details that give customers a strong sense of your brand.

STEP 6: Data Tracking and Analytics

With PPC marketing campaigns, we can easily garner valuable market information that we can use to improve and further optimize our advertising efforts. Our data and analytics experts will help you measure the performance of your campaigns.

Why Choose Swipe Group as Your PPC Toronto Marketing Agency?

Trust Only Toronto PPC Marketing Experts for Your Business

Tell us what your business objectives are, and we will make it happen! With our unparalleled expertise in PPC marketing, we will bring in more traffic and increase your returns in no time. Trust only the best PPC agency to do the best ad campaign that will take your business to new heights!